Mr. Nicholas Lim

Mr Nicholas Lim graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Financial Analysis. After working in Beijing, China, as a Finance Manager for some years, Mr Lim returned to Singapore to pursue a lifelong passion for education. He graduated from Postgraduate Diploma in Education, and later Master of Education, specialising in English Language Education in National Institute of Education (NIE).

Mr Lim’s experience spanned from his first posting to Greenridge Primary School teaching English, Mathematics and Music, to Bukit Batok Secondary School (BBSS) teaching English, Literature, and Music, and then Pioneer Junior College (PJC) specialising in General Paper.

Current affairs and English language are the interests of Mr Lim. He would read widely to gain insight of the world affairs across issues such as Social, Politics, Economics, Religion, etc. When he reads, he would appreciate the syntax of English language. Thence, with his interests in the aforementioned, General Paper is the best match.

Teaching in PJC was one of the best decisions Mr Lim has made. His ability to impact on students the quintessence of General Paper was widely recognised by the college management and more importantly, the students.

Since 2016, Mr Lim joined Learners’ Lodge Education Centre as a full-time staff, serving as an Education Specialist, teaching General Paper classes at both JC1 and JC2 levels.




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Opening Quotes Mr Nicholas Lim is someone who isn’t just a tutor to me. He is very friendly and encouraging. He has gone a step further to help me clarify my doubts countless times. I really appreciate the effort and dedication he has put in to teach me. To me, he is a tutor, a role model and a friend. Closing Quotes

Dylan Koh, Nanyang Junior College (2019)

Opening Quotes I am extremely grateful for Mr Nicholas Lim’s help and guidance as he has played a huge role in helping me achieve a B in my A levels. English (GP) has always been my weakest subject and no matter how hard I studied and prepared for my GP exams in school, I would at most attain an E for GP.

After joining Mr Lim’s classes, I became much more interested in GP as his lessons were very engaging. Mr Lim is also an extremely encouraging and motivational teacher who believed in me doing well for As despite me getting mostly E in my internal exams. He would also go beyond the tuition lessons and assist me in my school work when I needed his advice. With Mr Lim’s committed teaching and dedicated guidance, I managed to achieve my desired grade (B) for As :)  Closing Quotes

Crystal Tay Xinru, Hwa Chong Institution (2018)


Opening Quotes Mr Nicholas Lim is an extremely hardworking teacher and also one who knows how to motivate his students. Furthermore, Mr Lim made the extra effort to mark all the essays I wrote (which was 1 per day five days before the A level GP paper) and gave very valuable feedback on them too. I believe that Mr Lim’s hard work and faith in his students allowed me to achieve an A in the A level exam.  Closing Quotes

Ian Wang, St. Andrew’s Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes  Dear Mr Nicholas Lim,
I started off in JC struggling with my GP as I only got a Sub pass during my interim in JC1 and the highest grade of D during my promotional examinations. I was far from doing well and was at a loss on how to manage my time as my results weren’t as good as I was aiming for. I had aimed for a B grade in GP and knew I needed help to attain it. Attending lessons here at Learner’s Lodge for GP really helped me to improve my grades as I made improvements in my academics. Much to my surprise, I achieved an A for my GP during my A-Levels. Thanks to the interactive lessons that my GP tutor here at Learner’s Lodge held for us and the amazing content taught here! He even personally talked to me when I was feeling down from my results from my JC2 mid-year examinations to motivate me to carry on. I’m very thankful for everything that Learner’s Lodge has done for me!    Closing Quotes


Shaun Lam Zheng Ye, Meridian Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes    To Mr Nicholas Lim who have made GP, a humanities subject seems like a science: thank you for teaching me the techniques to do GP. Being a science inclined student I used to shun GP, thinking that it is impossible until I attended your classes. Within a few months, I had gained more confidence in GP and my grades jumped from E to B. Though not distinction, I learnt to enjoy the subject.    Closing Quotes


Su Jun, River Valley High School (2017)


Opening Quotes  Thank you for making GP exciting & coming up with acronyms to help us apply!! I find it very useful!! Before I started this tuition, I found GP to be hard. My English was inadequate and I had no confidence that I can do well. Through this few months of tuition, I have more faith in myself & GP wasn’t as hard as I thought.   Closing Quotes


Clarissa Ho, Serangoon Junior College


Opening Quotes  Thank you, Mr Nicholas Lim, for helping me in tackling the dreaded GP! Though I spent less than a year in your class, I picked up valuable tips and tricks for tackling the various aspects of GP. You play the role of a teacher and a mentor very well, and it has significantly contributed to my distinction for GP in the ‘A’ Levels. Thank you for your instantaneous feedback to all my queries, and for instilling in us the message that ‘GP is easy’!    Closing Quotes


Jordan Chan Jie En, Catholic Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Just wants to say a huge thank you for all the work you have put into your GP classes to make it fun, engaging and knowledgeable. Well, GP has not always been my cup of tea, but ironically, I always look forward to your lessons on Saturdays. I admire your knowledge and passion for teaching. Keep up the good work!    Closing Quotes


Basil Lee Ming Sheng, Tampines Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  It is honestly a joy to be in your class despite it being on a Friday night. With your classes, I now know that GP can be studied and revised and will no longer have to feel underprepared for GP examinations. GP used to be the bane of my existence, but it enlightens me now. Thank you for being the best GP teacher I’ve had in my entire JC journey.   Closing Quotes


Ei Inzali Khin, Anglo Chinese Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Thank you for being such a dedicated GP tutor, I appreciate the way you bring in energy into our GP lessons. It allows us to understand the learning points and nuances that appear in every event in current affairs. I realise that GP is not just a subject to be studied, but also teaches me skills of interpretation that allow me to understand and reflect upon the lessons that can be acquired from everyday events. It makes GP a much more manageable and enjoyable subject to study and learn.  Closing Quotes


Lee Chau Herng, Anderson Junior College (2017)