Mr. Raymond Cai

Mr Raymond Cai graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Science (Physics) with Second Class Honours (Upper Division) under the NUS Undergraduate Scholarship, awarded to students with high academic excellence and leadership potential. During his study, he was in the prestigious University Scholars Programme (USP). In his final year; he was awarded the Outstanding Researcher Prize for his Honours thesis on Quantum Physics, now published in a reputable scientific journal – The New Journal of Physics. He was also a former straight-As student of National Junior College and Raffles Institution under the Gifted Education Programme.

Since 2003, Mr Cai has helped numerous batches of grateful JC physics students improve their H2 physics grades within a short time while gaining an in-depth understanding of the A level physics syllabus as well as recognition of the common misconceptions and difficulties that students face in the examinations. His passion for teaching has led him to since complete a Masters of Education degree with the National Institute of Education (NIE), specialising in Curriculum and Teaching to augment his teaching and pedagogy. Due to his subject mastery and ability to communicate physics effectively, Mr Cai has been approached by and has co-authored some guidebooks and assessment books with MarketAsia, Yellow Reef and Fairfield Book Publishers, and was also the consultant for Ten Year Series (Physics), in collaboration with the latter publisher.


Raymond Cai's Physics book cover Raymond Cai's Physics Book Back Cover

In his teaching, Mr Cai firmly believes that Physics cannot be learned solely through the rote memorization of formulas, but that students need to see the concepts in real “action” and day to day examples to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding. Drawing from his own experiences and knowledge of students’ different learning styles, he incorporates various features of the University Scholars Programme and Gifted Education Programme to help his students understand Physics through a rigorous multi-modal programme that is at the same time enjoyable and horizon-expanding. He also imparts to his students’ mnemonic techniques and question tackling skills that have helped many of his past students to achieve excellent grades.

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Mr Raymond Cai and Calista Chong

Opening Quotes  Hi Mr Raymond Cai,
thanks for your patience and understanding when teaching us physics. your lessons are very enjoyable and really helped me a lot. thanks for addressing our numerous questions as well and making physics easy and fun to understand!!! Closing Quotes

Calista Chong, Eunoia Junior College (2021)



Opening Quotes hi mr raymond cai ! thank you so much for the letter of encouragement before my alevels, it was very nice. the notes you gave have really helped me a lot during my preparation for my exams and i jumped 3 grades for my final alvl results, which is a miracle to me. thank you so much! Closing Quotes

Jieping Tan, Anderson Serangoon Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes  Thank you Mr Raymond Cai for helping me do well for my A Levels! Your simple yet comprehensive teaching style and unwavering patience really helped me to break down the concepts and truly understand physics! I’m immensely grateful for all you have done for me, taking the time to answer my numerous questions and being such a dedicated teacher overall. Thank you so much once again!   Closing Quotes

Nicholas Tan Wei Han, Hwa Chong Institution (2020)

Opening Quotes  Dear mr cai,
Thank you for all your efforts in helping me in my studies since jc1. It has really helped my physics greatly and has helped me pique my interest  Closing Quotes

Tommy Ang Jing Yang, Anderson Serangoon Junior College (2020)

Opening Quotes  Dear Mr Raymond Cai, your lessons are always interesting and engaging, especially during HBL when you showed us the practical aspects of physics. You were very helpful and patient whenever I was in doubt (even during odd hours) and I really appreciate your dedication. I never expected myself to do well for H2 Physics despite coming from a Combined Physics background, but you made it come true! Thank you for everything! Closing Quotes

Ong Zhi Sheng, Catholic Junior College (2020)

Mr Raymond Cai with Alvina Lo

Opening Quotes  Throughout my revision period, Mr Raymond Cai has been an amazing pillar of support in my understanding and grasping of physics. I appreciate how he would take the time to reply to each of my queries (which were a lot) and made sure that I fully understood the concepts and the reasoning behind the answers. He would bring props to class and it really makes the class more entertaining and it enables us to visualise certain concepts too! Thank you Mr Cai for strengthening my interest and stamina in physics and for the support in my 2-year journey, couldn’t have done it without you!   Closing Quotes

Alvina Lo, Eunoia Junior College (2019)


Raymond Cai with Ling Shi Hui

Opening Quotes  Hi Mr Raymond Cai!! Thank you for being one of the best physics teachers I ever had. Before joining your lesson, physics was really one of my weaker subjects that I couldn’t fully understand and was struggling with it. After joining your lesson, I was able to actually enjoy learning physics and looked forward to your lesson every time. I am really grateful and glad that I joined your class. I managed to obtain an A for physics !!!!! Thank you for making physics my least favourite subject to my most favourite subject!    Closing Quotes

Ling Shi Hui, Jurong Junior College (2018)


Raymond Cai Yu BoWei


Opening Quotes  Taking Physics lessons from Mr Cai is an enriching one. Not only are his lessons informative, but they are also enjoyable. He often uses demonstrations to apply and show Physics concepts. After attending these lessons, Physics has become a new interest of mine. Thank you, Mr Cai, for being an inspiration and making Physics a joy to learn!    Closing Quotes


Yu BoWei, River Valley High (2018)



Opening Quotes   I used to detest Physics a lot. After joining Mr Raymond’s lessons, I realised that my Physics grades improved significantly from sub-pass to A. I admire his ability to make complicated concepts simple to understand. His classes are enjoyable and fun too! He would always go an extra mile to assist us in Physics whenever we need any help.   Closing Quotes


Darren Lau, Innova Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes   Your lessons are exciting and I have found Physics interesting again 😂. Thanks for helping me with patch up all the holes in my understanding of Physics. 😅  Closing Quotes


Heng Wei Jie, Jurong Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes   Thank you for having confidence in your students, never discriminating and never failing to conduct an engaging lesson. Lastly, thank you for being an inspiration. I hope you will continue motivating students to work towards their goals and sharing your passion for the sciences through education.   Closing Quotes


Celine, Jurong Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Mr Raymond Cai explains concepts thoroughly and stretches our limit. He invests great effort to keep lessons dynamic and is more than willing to spend extra time for consultation.

Thank you, Mr Cai! I enjoyed the last 2 years in your class.   Closing Quotes


Chng Jing Yuan, River Valley High School (2017)


Opening Quotes   Thank you for going the extra mile when I needed time off curriculum to clarify my doubts especially when private candidates have no access to help from the school and you are always so patient in answering my queries. Your lesson has been immensely helpful in reinforcing vital concepts and problem-solving techniques. I attribute my success in attaining an A grade for Physics to you, couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank You for your guidance and dedication – my gratitude is beyond words.     Closing Quotes


Megan Ng, Private Candidate (2017)


Opening Quotes   My first lesson with Mr Raymond Cai already showed me the dedication he had towards teaching an interactive and interesting lesson that served its main purpose of passing on a deeper understanding of physics and how all the concepts tie in together. Every lesson with Mr Cai taught me something new and his notes have aided me in all my exams. I would recommend Mr Cai to anyone who takes physics, even if they are already doing well.    Closing Quotes


Justin Tan, Anderson Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Before joining Mr Raymond’s Physics class, I had little confidence in my Physics and had always obtained borderline result. However, after joining his class, I managed to improve significantly after seeing the light and I managed to get A for physics in ‘A’ level.    Closing Quotes


Tai Jin Yao, Anglo-Chinese Junior College


Opening Quotes   Thank you, Mr Chua, for your guidance throughout my J2 year. Thanks to your summary cards, concise worksheets and not forgetting the toys/real-life applications to physics, learning physics has became fun and easy to understand. Once again, thank you very much!   Closing Quotes


Tay Tze Hee, Nanyang Junior College


Opening Quotes   Mr Cai’s lessons are always clear and practical. He always ensures that every single student will understand the topic thoroughly no matter how much time it takes and will still support every student no matter what. He is indeed a fantastic teacher and I am helpful for all that he has done for me.    Closing Quotes


Lim Ming Yuan Bryan, Catholic Junior College


Opening Quotes   Mr Cai has been an effective and caring teacher, helping me with my fundamentals quickly despite joining the tuition in the second year, pulling my result from a U in J1 and J2 BT2 to A in A levels. Thanks, Mr Cai!!!  Closing Quotes


Leow Yi En, Hwa Chong Junior College


Opening Quotes  Thanks, Mr Cai for giving me constant guidance throughout my time in Learners’ Lodge. You never fail to reply my questions and someone I can depend on if I have questions to ask in the night haha. Thanks for believing in me and showing me the skills to do well in Physics.  Closing Quotes


Javier Lee, Pioneer Junior College


Opening Quotes   Physics has always been one of my weakest subjects in JC. Even though I joined Learners Lodge only at the start of year 2, I managed to get an A for physics in A-levels under the guidance of Mr Cai, who was always there to answer my questions. Thank you so much, Mr Cai!  Closing Quotes


Ng Kai Ting, Nanyang Junior College


Opening Quotes   Mr Cai uses innovative ways to help his students better grasp of the complicated physics concepts. Through visualisation, I understand and remember specific concepts more adequately. As such, I improved from a 0.8 percentile grade at prelims to an A for my H2 physics paper.    Closing Quotes


Yong Zhi Ming, Anglo-Chinese Junior College


Opening Quotes   Thank you for all the help you have given me throughout my A-level journey! Your lessons inculcated a love for physics in me as you never fail to make lessons so enjoyable. For example, your use of props to explain physics concepts always captures our attentions. Thank you for always explaining the concepts so thoroughly and as well as going through unique questions that test our understanding. Lastly, thank you for being so nice and approachable, making weekly tuition lessons no longer a dreaded thing!
Closing Quotes


Trudy Sih, Hwa Chong Institution


Opening Quotes   Mr Cai is a very approachable and friendly tutor and I have enjoyed the Physics lessons under him. He explains Physics concepts clearly, and I understand the concepts much better under his tutelage. He gives us a lot of practice questions and can guide us through in the revision of topics. He also shows additional videos to make lessons more interesting and engaging. For example, when we were learning about gravity, he showed us videos about the universe.   Closing Quotes


Ng Tze Shien, National Junior College


Opening Quotes  The passion for your job is genuinely mirrored in your skills and abilities to be one of the most inspiring teachers I ever had. Thanks for taking the effort in making learning more fun and interesting than ever by showing us experiments on the spot. Thanks for also teaching me a subject I thought I could never understand or be interested. I hope your passion for teaching will continue to shine and inspire more people. The past 1.5 years attending your class was worth it. Thank you for being an inspiring educator and I hope to be someone like you when I grow up, making a difference in someone’s life.  Closing Quotes


Pamela Yeo, Pioneer Junior College


Opening Quotes   Mr Cai is clear in his explanations of Physics concepts during lessons, and his notes are also easy to comprehend and digest. The practice questions he set have various levels, ranging from those that test your basic understanding to those that challenge your thinking, giving students exposure to all sorts of different questions they might come across. If possible, Mr Cai will bring something cool to class to prove a Physics concept and that made the lessons more memorable for me, as I like to see what I learn in motion, how a theory works in real life. Often, Mr Cai will spend extra time after class patiently explaining something I didn’t catch earlier, and even responds to questions via messaging throughout the week, which I am incredibly thankful for, as his dedication did not falter nearing the A-level period. It is because of Mr Cai I had a chance of scoring an A for Physics in A-levels. Thank you, Mr Cai!!!   Closing Quotes


Lorraine Tan Chian Wey, Anglo-Chinese Junior College


Opening Quotes  My physics grade was a U during mid-years before I joined Mr Cai. My concepts of the topics were so weak and I couldn’t even remember the formulas or how to apply them. In school, the pace was suited for those who’ve at least a reasonably strong understanding of the content.

I would like to thank Mr Raymond Cai for his guidance in helping me catch up with the rest. His cheerful personality and amusing demos in every class never fail to make learning physics more enjoyable. More importantly, his lessons furthered my understanding of each topic through a variety of questions so that I know how each segment of the syllabus can be tested.   Closing Quotes


Han Jin Xiang, Anglo-Chinese Junior College