Ms. Ruby Ng

Ms Ruby Ng graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Mathematics (with honours). She took up a MOE Teaching Scholarship and went on to obtain a post-graduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education (NIE)

Before joining Learners’ Lodge as a full-time Education Specialist, Ms Ng taught Mathematics (A level syllabus) and facilitated A-level Project Work at National Junior College (NJC). Being a logical and innovative thinker, Ms Ng is always in the search for new and better ways to simplify complex mathematical concepts. Couple that with her strong communication skills, students under Ms Ng typically display greater interest and appreciation for Mathematics over time.

One of Ms Ng’s strength is her affable nature, which helps her develop a strong rapport with students. Her friendly and patient teaching approach help students overcome their fear of Mathematics, thereby allowing them to develop confidence and competency in the subject.








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Ms Ruby Ng and P.B Harishita Opening Quotes Thank you Ms Ruby Ng for the last stretch. Even though I joined u in a short period of time it shows how good your teaching skills are to the point that I can get a good score in my As. I’m super satisfied and that’s because you believed in me. I’ve no regrets about joining LL and being taught by you:) Closing Quotes

P.B. Harishita, Jurong Pioneer Junior College (2021)



Ms Ruby Ng and Jasmine Koh Opening Quotes Hi Ms Ruby Ng, I managed to improve by 2 grades from my prelim results! Thank you for teaching step-by-step, breaking down concepts. Your lessons helped consolidate my understanding and although I found the H2 math revision classes challenging, I managed to eventually score an A for A levels! Closing Quotes


Jasmine Koh Joo Hwee, Hwa Chong Institution (2021)


Opening Quotes hi ms ruby ng, thank you alw believing in us! I rly liked ur notes as it was rly concise and helped me to identify the notes tht I might hv overlooked and thought it might not be useful. Ur lessons r also v easy to understand and follow! Lastly, I wish u all the best in ur teaching career! Closing Quotes

Carissa Chia, Anderson Serangoon Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes Thank you so much Ms Ruby Ng for all your guidance and teachings over the year! Thank you for giving me the confidence to practice math and always going the extra mile to help all of us despite the Covid situation! I am really grateful for all of your efforts in helping me do well for math :) Closing Quotes

Esmond Tan Jun Xiang, Nanyang Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes I am so thankful to Ms Ruby Ng for her tireless efforts made to guide me through both pure maths and statistics. Her teaching style is easy to understand and her lecture notes are concise and only contain the most essential information needed. Not to mention, she would conscientiously compiled various types of questions regarding certain topics and makes sure we practice as much as we can. Additionally, she is very approachable and easily contactable online so it is really convenient to ask her questions regarding schoolwork. Ms Ruby constantly engages her students during class and ensures that everyone is learning as much as possible, even during online lessons. The problem-solving methods taught during her lessons are extremely useful during exams. Thank you so much Ms Ruby!!! Closing Quotes

Caryn Quek Wenjun, Hwa Chong Institution (2021)

Opening Quotes Dear Ms Ruby Ng, thank you so much for your guidance! I never would have thought that I would do well for H2 Math at all, but it was your lessons that were my lifeline. I think one of the reasons why I even managed to survive was due to the Vectors crash course I had in J1 – from someone who couldn’t even grasp the basic concepts at first, I grew to be very confident in that topic, even teaching how to approach Vectors questions to my friends as well! Your lessons were always very thorough, and your constant reminders of the A-level examinations’ importance always set us straight and kept us focused and ready to learn in class. Thank you so much for your efforts! Closing Quotes

Zsofia Magbujos, Eunoia Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes Dear Ms Ruby Ng,

Thank you for always being so encouraging towards us. You were my greatest source of motivation to persevere while I was studying for my A Levels Math, because of all the effort you put into teaching us. Thank you for seeing our potential and being confident in our abilities even though we often doubt ourselves. To me, you are the best Math teacher one could ever ask for and I appreciate you vv much!! <3  Closing Quotes

Soh Yuyan, River Valley High School (2021)

Ms Ruby ng and Swaminathan Viswa Opening Quotes Dear Ms Ruby Ng,

Thank you for the awesome times we had in class. You have been such a dedicated teacher who always put in your best effort in preparing for every lesson. You also consistently ensure that we have fully understood the concepts and answer any queries that we had. Due to your constant motivation and support, I was able to put in 100% in my A Level’s and achieved the grades that I desired. Thank you once again for your unwavering support and continue to encourage many more batches of students!!!

Warmest regards,
S Viswa Closing QuotesSwaminathan Viswa, National Junior College (2020)

Ms Ruby Ng and Liew Jia Shiun Opening Quotes Thank you Ms Ruby Ng for helping me pass and eventually attaining an A for H2 Math! I really appreciate all the extra hours you put in beyond the normal class time to make sure we really understand the concepts. Thank you once again and I hope you continue helping and inspiring other students! Closing Quotes


Liew Jia Shiun, Hwa Chong Institution (2020)


Opening Quotes Dear Ms Ruby Ng,
Thank you for believing in me and for entertaining my questions every time after lesson! I hope i did you proud! Closing Quotes

Zane Lee Jun Cong, Anderson Serangoon Junior College (2020)

Ms Ruby Ng and Ong Si Jing Opening QuotesI am Si Jing from River Valley High School, Class 2019.

Joining Ms Ruby Ng’s Math class is honestly one of the best decisions I made during my A Level journey. Although Math is a subject I had been quite confident in throughout my primary and secondary school years, I became consistently inconsistent in J1-2 – my grades fluctuated immensely even though I kept a regular study schedule. I sought help from other centres, however, I, unfortunately, ended my J1 year with a “U” grade for Math. At that point, it seemed as though I was never going to be able to achieve a satisfactory standard for Math within the next year. In my desperation, I found Learner’s Lodge through a random advertisement and decided to join.

Ms Ruby Ng never fails to give us clear explanations for even the most seemingly complex concepts. Her study notes, especially, are very comprehensive and relevant to the exam material, which my friends and I found to be really beneficial for our A levels (we managed to solve many difficult questions in the paper that stumped others because of her methods!).

I honestly would have never expected it, but I eventually managed to complete the national exam with an A (from a U) which is an extraordinary but not impossible achievement with Ms Ng’s patient and fruitful guidance. (: Closing Quotes

Ong Si Jing, River Valley High School (2019)

MS Ruby Ng and Lim How Boon Jeremy Opening Quotes Given her lively and interactive teaching style in class, I’m always finding the lessons extremely fun to listen to and attend. She is extremely detailed in her steps and concepts and explains everything in the best way possible. She constantly enforces our skills and knowledge as its basics, so we can turn them into muscle memory. She is patient and takes time to clarify anything we might be confused about. She also has an optimistic disposition and thinks highly of us, so she constantly cheers and spurs us on. She is extremely friendly and is able to create meaningful and fun interactions with the class. Thank you very much, Ms Ruby Ng for the past year! Closing Quotes

Lim How Boon Jeremy, Hwa Chong Institution (2019)

Opening Quotes Hi Miss Ruby Ng, I really enjoyed all your lessons and I really love math. With your help, I was able to be consistent in my grades and easily got an A for Alvls. I gained exposure through your lessons and am very grateful. Thank you. Closing Quotes

Zhang Zhuo Feng, Eunoia Junior College (2019)

Opening Quotes Thank you, Ms Ruby Ng, for your coaching in H2 mathematics. Attending your classes never bored me and I have learned a lot during the time spent in the tuition. Your way of teaching has been easy for me to understand and I have improved tremendously. Thank you Ms Ng. Closing Quotes

Vikraman, Jurong Pioneer Junior College (2019)

Opening Quotes I wasn’t very good in Mathematics and had lost confidence in myself when I got back my promotional exam results in Year 1. However, Ms Ruby Ng’s teaching methods and tips had helped me to slowly understand the subject again. She is very dedicated in really helping me to improve and has always encouraged me along the way, believing in my own abilities when I wasn’t able to. I will always remember the short moments of conversation I have with Ms Ng, be it about asking math questions or discussing about the future. Besides Math, Ms Ng has also been very supportive of my dreams and encouraging me to make them come true. Even though we only knew each other for a short time, Ms Ng has become one of the best and most supporting teacher who I will remember for a long time. Closing Quotes

Yang Yujie, National Junior College (2019)

Ms Ruby Ng and Shijie Puah Opening Quotes Hi Miss Ruby Ng thank you very much for your help in math class. Your concise notes and detailed clear explanation really helped me a lot in understanding math. Your tutorials and questions prepared were also very useful in my learning. Since JC1 I struggled and often got E in math but after joining your class at the end of JC1 I am able to keep progressing and finally attain an A for A levels. Thank you Miss Ng!Closing Quotes

Puah Shijie, Anderson Junior College (2018)



Opening Quotes Thank you Ms Ruby Ng for always being so patient with me during lessons. I know that naturally, I struggle with math a lot but you still made the effort to make sure that I could follow your lessons well. Also, during the lead up to A levels when I needed a quick revision for certain topics I referred to your notes which are concise yet cover all the important aspects. Overall I’m just very grateful for your help over the past year that caused me to improve from a U to a B! Closing Quotes

Sylvia Loo , Eunoia Junior College (2018)


Ruby Ng Yeow Ming Hui


Opening Quotes   I had initially struggled with math when I first started out in JC1. However, thanks to Ms Ng’s concise notes and engaging tutorials, I have been able to rediscover my interest in math. Through her lessons, I have also gained a better foundation and understanding of each topic and hence allowing me to catch up with my school tutorials, ultimately helping me to achieve good grades in my examinations.   Closing Quotes

Yeow Ming Hui, Pioneer Junior College (2018)



Ruby Ng Natasha Ang


Opening Quotes   Throughout my JC1 journey, math has not been the most comfortable subject for me. I struggled with specific concepts in vectors and integration. After attending Ms Ng’s lessons, my misconceptions were cleared and I managed to grasp critical ideas more easily. Besides, Ms Ng is a patient and caring teacher, she never hesitates to explain the solution to question more than once whenever anyone is confused. Her continuous guidance and support have indeed helped me much on this subject.   Closing Quotes

Natasha Ang, Pioneer Junior College (2018)



Opening Quotes  I was not confident in my math and never passed in school exams. However, Ms Ruby Ng had faith in me that I could do well and it was her motivation that drove me on. She is the most inspirational tutor and explained every math question in great details. She clarified my doubts and rekindled my interest in learning Mathematics. I learned a lot from her.   Closing Quotes


Kristin, Temasek Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  When I first joined Ms Ruby Ng’s class in December of 2015, I was extremely worried about my Math grades, as I was a consistent U-grade student. Under Ms Ng’s guidance, however, I managed to turn things around in my second year in JC1 and I managed to get an A for my promos (and subsequently ‘A’ Levels). Ms Ng presents difficult mathematics concepts in a very simple and easy to grasp way, and it really helped me a lot as I transitioned from merely memorising math formulae to actually understanding and being able to formulate them during my exams. Her supplementary questions and notes were also extremely helpful, as I found that many of the questions I encountered in school had already been covered by her. Thank you, Ms Ng for your passion in helping your students, and thanks for the motivation you’ve given to me over the past 2 years!   Closing Quotes


Jordan Chan Jie En, Catholic Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes   Ms Ruby Ng is actually one of my favourite teachers in all my years of schooling.

She is extremely systematic in the way she covers different topics – every question is set with a purpose. I really appreciate the thought she puts in every lesson and worksheet. Even though she always laments we take her notes for granted and “never read ah”, but they really were very useful and insightful – supplementing our own notes and practices very well.

All in all, Ms Ng is a dedicated and thoughtful teacher that I will want to keep in touch with. Even though I was relatively consistent in Mathematics, Ms Ng made math enjoyable for me.    Closing Quotes


Nicolle Ng, River Valley High School (2017)


Opening Quotes   Hey Ms Ruby Ng, thank you so much for guiding me and helping me achieve my A in math for A-levels. I entered the tuition with a weak foundation and with little hopes of passing math but you didn’t look down on me and helped me understand the concepts patiently. I’m sure it is not only me but the whole class is very grateful for your cheerful and well-planned classes! Thank you so so much, Ms Ng !!    Closing Quotes


Jiemin, St Andrew’s Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes   Thank you for guiding me through math questions and concepts! It helped me understand how to tackle the problems and got me my A.    Closing Quotes


Liu Qiong Jing, Jurong Junior College


Opening Quotes  Thank you for guiding me through my problems in math so far and somewhat reigniting my passion for math.    Closing Quotes


Cheong Hao Shaun, National Junior College


Opening Quotes  Thanks for putting in so much effort and dedication in helping us with our studies. I enjoy your lessons as it is very comprehensive and has aided me in my grades and learning in many ways. Most importantly, you are a caring teacher who has brought us warmth and allowed us to feel less stressed amidst our busy school days.   Closing Quotes


Teo Lian Wei Vesy, River Valley High School


Opening Quotes  Just want to say thank you so much for these two years of guidance and teaching! You have been a patient and understanding teacher. Math has always been less daunting than it seems after your lessons! You are probably one of the best tuition teachers I ever had, and it has indeed been an honour and privilege to have been taught by you. I appreciate all the efforts and sacrifices you have put in for me and all your students!    Closing Quotes


Alphonsus Zai, Hwa Chong Institution


Opening Quotes  Lessons taught by Ms Ng were helpful during my JC years – going through practice questions of various difficulty progressively enabled me to grasp mathematical concepts easily. Furthermore, summaries that Ms Ng provided at the end of each topic allowed me to understand the key requirements of the syllabus better. Above all, she cared about our well-being and never failed to make lessons fun. With her guidance and patience, I managed to score an A for Math for A levels. Thank you, Ms Ng!    Closing Quotes


Atiqah, Raffles Institution


Opening Quotes  Miss Ng’s lessons are perhaps the only math lessons I’ve ever looked forward. Her help and guidance, in breaking down complex mathematics topics into a manner that is easier to understand, and in providing us with the appropriate tips and skills to tackle questions with, is simply priceless. She often tailors the lessons to suit our needs and upcoming tests and even takes the time to go through the questions from school that are too challenging for us to handle, making sure that we understand the solution to the problem.

Aside from that, she is a patient teacher and one who genuinely cares about her students. Also, she often jokes around with us, at times to help us remember specific concepts, which certainly makes learning that much more bearable and enjoyable for my classmates and me.

With her help, I’ve managed to progress from a D in the first half of my A-Level year to an A in my A-Level examinations, an improvement I never could imagine without her guidance.    Closing Quotes


Tan Zhi Rui, River Valley High School