Mr. Terence Chia

Mr Terence Chia graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Mathematics and received a First Class Honours in Mathematics. He took up a Public Service Commission (PSC) scholarship and was on Dean’s list for 6 out of 8 semesters.

Having received his Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education (NIE), Mr Chia served at the National Junior College (NJC) where he taught Mathematics ‘C’, Further Mathematics, H2 & H3 A-level Mathematics and the Integrated Programme (IP). His extensive repertoire and exposure in preparing the various syllabus have allowed him to help students connect and relate the different mathematical concepts they encounter at each level. Mr Chia was awarded the College Values Award for Service with Honour for his dedication to the school.
While at NJC, he was in charge of coordinating the IP year 2 Mathematics programme where bridging the gap between the O and A level syllabus was the most crucial. It gave him a unique experience that most secondary school and JC Mathematics teachers lacked, making him an excellent teacher for students who faced difficulty when they entered JC.
Mr Chia is also well equipped to teach high performing students. His experience in teaching the Accelerated Mathematics Programme, where IP students were selected to be taught Mathematics at a faster pace and be exposed to more in depth and critical thinking skills, gave him the experience to bring high ability students to a level that is more in line with their potential.

Mr Chia’s lessons are always interesting. Using an inter-disciplinary approach, he would set problems sums that related to the other subjects that his students learn in school to enhance the overall learning experience. Through the use of games, Mr Chia can make the process of learning and master Mathematics, a fun activity for his students. These efforts culminated in an excellent track record of his students’ examination performance.

Since 2009, Mr Chia has joined Learners’ Lodge Education Centre as a full-time staff, serving as an Education Specialist, teaching Mathematics classes at both JC1 and JC2 levels.

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Mr Terence Chia and Eleyn YapOpening QuotesThank you so much Mr Terence Chia for your patience in guiding me for the past two years; from your patience in teaching to your dedication in compiling exam-friendly tips to even going the extra mile to dig out old revision materials for us, it was through your lessons that I gained the confidence to ace Math and the A levels – two years ago, I never would have imagined the jump from E to A was possible!

I really appreciate the belief you place in every student no matter their grades or background, and the tangible advice you give to help them realise their potential. On this note, thank you Mr Chia for helping me to strive towards the best I can be!  Closing Quotes

Eleyn Yap Teng Ying, Hwa Chong Institution (2020)

Opening QuotesHi Mr Terence Chia, thanks so much for helping me with mathematics and always being so friendly! I’ve improved from a U in J1 to an A in the A level exam. I’m truly grateful for your lessons. Take care and all the best!!  Closing Quotes

Nicole Oo Heng Yim, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2020)

Opening Quotes Thank you so much, Mr Terence Chia, for helping me in my H2 Maths journey even though I only joined your tuition in the middle of J2 :”) I really enjoyed your maths lessons as you had a way of teaching maths that made maths make sense!! I really admire your attitude towards teaching and doing your utmost to help everyone succeed. I managed to go from an S at prelims to a C for As and I owe it to you as your words of encouragement towards the final stretch really helped me push forward :-)  Closing Quotes

Jothiga Baskaran, St. Andrew’s Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes Mr Terence Chia has been a great pillar of support for me through my Mathematics journey. More than a teacher, Mr Chia was a mentor who was willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we could understand and execute concepts through every topic. Mr Chia was a guiding light who made Mathematics seems so much easier, and so much more enjoyable for myself and for many of my peers. Thank you very much Mr Chia:)  Closing Quotes

Kervin Tsai, Raffles Institution (2019)


Opening Quotes In JC 1, I found myself struggling greatly transitioning from secondary school to JC math. After the promotional exams, I felt that I had lost confidence to do well and catch up in math. This was when I decided to join Learner’s Lodge under Mr Terence Chia. I vividly remember having a hard time keeping up during the first few lessons, having joined late. But after confiding in Mr Chia about my concerns, he was extremely patient and devoted to helping me improve. He was always so open to clarifying my questions, and there were many times that I would go to lesson early or stay late to consult him on my queries.

Despite the rigor of JC math, Mr Chia never fails to weave fun into his lessons. He would invent his own math games, and occasionally we would use games to round up certain topics in a novel way, or just to lighten up the mood nearing exams.

Although I was only with Mr Chia for the span of a year, his teaching and guidance undoubtedly went a long way in helping me improve and restoring my confidence. His tips and tricks and exam strategies were also critical in helping me score well for exams. Though the progress was gradual, I am proud to see my hard work come to fruition, from an E during promotional exams to an A for A Levels. Yet, none of this would have been possible without Mr Chia’s constant encouragement and belief in his students’ potential. I would like to thank him for his unwavering support and for all the lessons he taught me in resilience!  Closing Quotes

Claire Zhai Huan Ting, Raffles Institution (2019)


Opening Quotes Mr Terence Chia has been a brilliant teacher for the past 2 years. Beyond explaining every math concept in a concise and straightforward manner, he made lessons entertaining by interspersing practices with games and consistently checked in on whether we were coping with math and school life in general. The application was strongly emphasised with questions that ranged in difficulty levels, and we often revisited the topic summaries to reinforce what we were supposed to know. We were also provided with great resources to practice in our own time.

Whenever we needed help, Mr Chia was willing to go over our questions before or after lessons and clarify our doubts. Whether these encompassed basic conceptual errors or mistakes from our exams, he reassured us that we were capable of improving and overcoming whatever difficulties we were facing. Ultimately, he has been a patient, engaging and kind teacher, and a strong motivational presence for us. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do this without his guidance :)  Closing Quotes

Saniya Nangia, Raffles Institution (2019)


Opening Quotes Math has always been a subject that I had little confidence in because no matter how much I practised, my efforts did not seem proportional to my results. As such, studying the subject and taking tests was rarely ever enjoyable. However, thanks to Mr Terence Chia’s excellent method of teaching, patience, and deep level of understanding of his students’ varying competencies and weaknesses, H2 Math has been extremely rewarding.

Mr Chia is a teacher who is very clear about the content he has to teach as well as how to teach it effectively. While the duration of two hours a week seems little in comparison to the multiple lectures and tutorials we get in school, Mr Chia is able to use that time in a productive manner to give us a strong foundational understanding of what the topic entails and also class time to allow us to do questions with and independent of his help. As we do our work, Mr Chia is also active in his teaching as he walks around the classroom surveying our work and pointing out whatever mistakes we have made. Even after class ends, Mr Chia stays back to answer any final queries students may have regarding the lesson’s content or questions from school tutorials. Before exams, Mr Chia is also sure to give us a comprehensive run-through of the topics being tested and grill us on some possible trick questions our school likes to pose or remind us of useful tips when it comes to our final revision at home. His advice has been exceedingly helpful and made revising Math systematic and effective.

As a teacher who values establishing a good rapport with his students, Mr Chia makes consistent efforts to get to know the class as a whole as well as on an individual level. His friendly and approachable demeanour makes it easy for students to approach him for help. While tuition from 7-9 PM after a full day of school can be perceived as off-putting, Mr Chia’s lessons have never been a dread for me and I have actually always looked forward them. Furthermore, to break up the monotony of classes, his lessons sometimes include game sessions where we play math-related games to test our knowledge on what we have learnt.

Thank you, Mr Chia, for all your help and support and encouragement over the last two years in your Math class! Thanks to you, I got an A for Math in my A-Levels! :-)  Closing Quotes

Jeanette Chye, Raffles Institution (2019)

Mr Terence Chia and Lim Yao Yi Opening Quotes Thank you, Mr Terence Chia, for your guidance and never giving up for me. Throughout my JC life, maths has never been my best. I have always been disheartened by getting U grade all the time. But after coming under Mr chia, my grades have improved and I am happy that I persevered to get an A for my A levels. Thank you for never giving up on me Mr Chia!!!  Closing Quotes

Lim Yao Yi, Nanyang Junior College (2018)



Opening Quotes Mr Terence Chia has never failed to make his lessons clear and easily understandable. There was never a time when I went out of his class confused with even more questions than I had before.I used to always be intimidated my math as I felt there were too many ways of approach to a question. However, Mr Chia, being one of the most nurturing and patient teachers I’ve ever met, allowed me to always properly clarify my doubts which slowly built a proper framework of thinking when doing Math. He has helped me dispel my fear for the subject and sparked my love for it! Closing Quotes

Darius Lee, St. Andrew’s Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes Personally, scoring at math was always a problem despite putting in numerous hours of work in practising questions on my own prior to examinations. In JC, taking H2 Math was extremely difficult and my grades always hovered around an S or D or E, and the A I have on my results slip is a testament to Mr Terence Chia’s clear explanations of concepts, apt choice of practice questions, approachable demeanour and his steady motivation throughout my final JC year. As a steady pillar of support, he has gone above and beyond planning, arranging and coordinating lessons to ensure that we are fully prepared for the As, and he always kept us fixated on our final A level examinations instead of being demoralised by disappointing results in school-based examinations. I am immensely thankful for his support and guidance, thank you so much Mr Chia! Closing Quotes

Ng Wan Zhen Janice, Hwa Chong Institution (2018)


Opening Quotes Mr Terence Chia is truly a teacher that cares for his students and never gives up on them. Despite having dismal grades in school, Mr Chia never once gave up on me and constantly encouraged me, offering to stay back after classes to answer my personal questions and being ever willing to entertain my queries on whatsapp, even at odd hours. Mr Chia is someone that is also very patient, never losing his temper or appearing to be irritated when simple concepts are misunderstood or consistently not grasped. Instead, he takes the effort to slowly run through the misunderstandings and tries his best to clarify all doubts, even at the expense of his own time. Thank you, Mr Chia, for getting me my A; it is as much yours as it is mine! Closing Quotes

Lee Keeron, Raffles Institution (2018)


Opening Quotes Hi Mr Terence Chia, I may have joined your class only in j2 but you are one of the best teachers I could ever ask for! Thanks for the amazing lessons and always taking time off after classes to help me when I was struggling. Not only that thanks for being such a caring teacher for lifting my morale and encouraging me every time I came back with poor results. I can’t probably thank you enough for all you have done for me. Hope to see u soon sir. Closing Quotes

Prithviraj Mukhopadhyay, Raffles Institution (2018)

Jovan Law Terence Chia


Opening Quotes   Mr Chia is a knowledgeable and an approachable teacher who is willing to go the extra mile to coach all his students. His passion for teaching mathematics is portrayed in his efforts to make all his lessons interesting. With his guidance and comprehensive notes, we are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to tackle the many challenging questions we face, allowing us to attain an advantage over the rest.   Closing Quotes


Jovan Law, Victoria Junior College


Kong Wai Yee Terence Chia

Opening Quotes   I always received subpar grades for Maths during my Junior College days. I had difficulty coping with several topics, mainly Statistics and Probability. Under Mr Chia’s teaching, I improved on my weaker topics and had come to like them better. I managed to pull from grades D and below to an A in ‘A’ levels. I came to enjoy learning Maths for Mr Chia incorporates fun in his classes by integrating games and quizzes into learning. Also, he is attentive and encouraging. Thank you. Please continue to guide and inspire others!   Closing Quotes


Kong Wai Yee, Victoria Junior College (2015)


Terence and Ashley

Opening Quotes  Thank you, Mr Terence Chia, for your dedication to teaching me Mathematics! Couldn’t have done that well without your help! Am super thankful to have met you!  Closing Quotes


Ashley Tan Wan Qing, Serangoon Junior College (2017)



Opening Quotes   Thanks for always helping me with my math!! I always thought math was ImPoSsiBLe, but you made it so much easier for me!!  Closing Quotes


Kimberly Tham, Raffles Institution (2018)


Opening Quotes  I really owe a lot to Mr Terence Chia for rescuing my U grade to an A for A levels. His secure guidance and sound knowledge of the syllabus played an immense role in helping me score in exams. More importantly, he shows genuine concern and places faith in each and every one of his students to give us the much-needed confidence boost in JC. Thanks, Mr Chia!   Closing Quotes


Frankel Lin, Victoria Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Thank you, Mr Terence Chia, for all the great, easy-to-understand and interactive lessons that I always looked forward to! Math became so much less daunting, and I gained a lot more confidence in the subject. Thank you for all the encouragement and reminding us to stay positive even when we were struggling with prelims and school. Wishing you a great 2018. Thank you so much!!!   Closing Quotes


Karen, Raffles Institution (2017)


Opening Quotes  Dear Mr Terence Chia,

Thanks for teaching me all the tips and tricks for math and helping to improve from an E to an A over the course of a year. Really appreciate your enthusiasm for teaching your students and motivating them to never give up. Keep doing what you’re doing I have never had a better math teacher. Thanks a lot.    Closing Quotes


Javier Lian, Victoria Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  I got an A in math and honestly, it is because of all your help. Thank you so much.  Closing Quotes


Akshatha, Anderson Junior College


Opening Quotes  Thank you for everything! Even though lesson with you was short, I managed to improve and get A for my results, thank you for having faith in me!    Closing Quotes


Wendy Choa, Victoria Junior College


Opening Quotes  I got A for Math. Thanks so much for your help and made me enjoy math practice sessions. Thanks for always answering my questions, which were so crucial in clarifying my concepts! You were a great teacher and I have only you to thank for accomplishment! You’re the best teacher I appreciate, please do not stop teaching! Thanks for all the kind advice and I’m grateful for your help.   Closing Quotes


Natasha Tang, Anglo-Chinese Junior College


Opening Quotes  I joined math tuition considerably late in J2 and had a lot of concepts I couldn’t understand. However, under Mr Chia’s guidance, I was able to catch up with Math quickly. Thanks, Mr Chia for your patience even as I always bombard you with questions!   Closing Quotes


Felicia Teo, Raffles Institution


Opening Quotes  I only joined in Mr Chia’s class in June, but I have managed to learn a lot in the short span of time. I am very thankful to him for the past few months of teaching. I’ve learnt a lot and appreciate him taking the extra time and effort to help other students and me out with consultations outside of class time.    Closing Quotes


See Toh Yi Jia, Nanyang Junior College


Opening Quotes  Even though I didn’t get an A for math, but I enjoyed the process of learning from you! Glad to have such a fantastic teacher like you! :) thank you so much for everything and stay amazing as always! ;)   Closing Quotes


Thum Pei Yi, Nanyang Junior College


Opening Quotes  Mr Chia is the best teacher anyone can ever ask for. He’s so passionate in his teaching and he never fails to set aside time to help me even when I wasn’t his student for a couple of months. I am thankful for everything he has helped me with and wished him the best of luck in everything he does!
Thank you, Mr Chia.    Closing Quotes


Carissa Marie, Catholic Junior College


Opening Quotes  Mr Chia’s maths teaching style is one-of-a-kind. He has mad H2 Maths so much more tolerable for me in JC.Apart from Maths concepts, he has also taught me many valuable life lessons such as the need to love what we do and take pride in it. He has nurtured my love for maths; he is indeed a star teacher in every way possible.   Closing Quotes


Ming Wei, Hwa Chong Institution


Opening Quotes  Thank you so much for all your hard work, Mr Chia. I only joined you in J2, but I can say that your Math lessons are highly enjoyable and yet also practical. You introduce different methods for approaching problems while also instilling good presentation and checking habits. The wealth of resources and the detailed answers you prepared have been invaluable for personal practice and your summaries of the various topics have reduced the need for memorisation. Thank you for being so approachable and willing to entertain my queries after lessons. Thank you so much for helping me get my A.   Closing Quotes


Yew Kai Zhe, Raffles Institution


Opening Quotes  Math has been a downhill battle for me in J1, with the content I failed to consolidate in the earlier part of the year snowballing to a huge mess at the beginning of this year. I reached a point in March when looking at Math papers and questions would already make me uneasy and quite terrified, and the mere thought of full papers made me so frightened that I would do all that I could, and throw every excuse I could to avoid practising math papers. Mr Chia, however, has indeed been a blessing on this journey for me. Thank you, Mr Chia, for appreciating my every effort to solve a question, for bothering to identify my careless mistakes, for never giving up faith in every one of us. Thank you for never once wavering in your support for us, and for your radiant positivity which makes me look forward to Sunday math lessons each week. Your ability to consolidate and explain concepts which used to haunt me is a God-given talent, and I’m so grateful for the little tidbits of math I can now appreciate. I embarked on JC math tuition with the expectation of being disappointed yet again but hands down, your guidance has been the greatest blessing I could have asked for this year. Thank you, Mr Chia, for you have shown me just how big a difference a single teacher can make.  Closing Quotes


Ashiley Annushri Thenpandiyan, Raffles Institution