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Teacher's Day Messages

Stephen , Private

Dear Mr Raymond cai , Happy teachers day! Thanks for your help during this short while. Have a superb day ahead!

Sean Tay,Temasek JC

Dear Mr Gilbert Lee, Hi Mr Lee! Thank you for teaching Economics in a remarkable way, that has broadened my view and given me appreciation for the subject. Most importantly, thank you for guiding me in non-academic areas ( : You make lessons so interesting with cold jokes and analogies!Happy Teacher's Day!!

Lee Yan Ru,Tampines Junior College

Dear Mr Au Chee Ping, HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY MR AU!!!! Before I entered tuition I thought chem does not makes sense at all, but now I can finally understand the concepts thanks to you Mr Au! I've never enjoyed doing chem so much before entering tuition before. Even though I did not join for a long period of time, I've really learnt a lot from you which I couldn't able to learn in school. Thanks for being such a cool amusing and patient teacher!!! I'll do my best for A's and do you proud sir^^

Joelle Ngeow,Dunman High School

Dear Mr Harry Tiew, SUP Mr Tiew!!Just wanna thank you for your patience and guidance for the last couple of months, you really played a HUGE role in helping me clear doubts wrt economics content--> things that i wouldn't be able to clear in school! Please don't get the $10 air ticket, (life over money!! ) or we'll lose a good tchr like ya!! Continue being so lame with your freezing "jokes" every weekend! YOU ROCK! HAPPY TEACHERS" DAY!


Dear Mr Koh, Thank you for the guidance this past year. From the lessons to the essays that you mark and give comments on all this while, i think all the students in your classes have gained valuable knowledge and information with regard to the subject of economics. I extend my heartfelt thanks to you and your efforts in cultivating a generation of more proficient economics students.

He Chen,Hwa Chong Institution

Dear Mr Raymond Chai, Thank you Mr Chai for making physics understandable and fun for us (esp with ur demonstrations)! You really made physics much more manageable for me. Thank you for taking time outside class to help us clarify our queries!!

Yu Han,Hwa Chong Institution

Dear Mr Phay, Hi Mr Phay!!!!! Hope you're seeing this!! :) Happy Teacher's Day!!!! :D thankyou for always being such a caring teacher, and for making lessons both enriching and enjoyable :D unlike some other tuitions I briefly went to before, I really look forward to and enjoy our lessons because of the pleasant and friendly classmates, as well as you. Your sense of humour always ensures that lessons are lively. Also, thankyou for always believing in us, and telling us that we can do it! (And for the magic / special pencils hahaha) have a great Teacher's Day! :D

Jayne ,VJc

Dear Mr Mike Wang, Hi Mr Wang! Thank you for making me enjoy chemistry more and understood it with a lot more depth that I would have by studying myself! Thank you for attending to questions we have after class and your willingness to fork out time to come earlier before lessons to clear our doubts on any questions we have! Jayne

Niven, TJC

Dear Mr. Phay, Happy Teacher's Day! Thanks for making the lesson so interesting. Sorry for not being able to answer your questions.

Malcolm Lim Wei Siong, Anderson Junior College

Dear Mr. Cai, Hi Mr Cai! Just want to thank you for being such an awesome Physics tutor. Honestly, I didn't have much interest in Physics till I attended your lessons. You are able to twist and convert all the impossible concepts into something layman and simple even I can understand! :) Your lessons are also funny and engaging as well! All the best for your future endeavours and your family! :) God bless you!

Alex, SRJC

Dear Mr. Lee, Happy Teachers Day Mr Lee! I joined your class late and was fortunate to have an opportunity to attend your class! Thanks for making Econs and interesting subject and easy to comprehend. I thought that econs was an abstract subject that is new to me and would have certainly be at the top of the "turn off" subjects in the list. Now, i'm able to tackle questions with confidence and i'm i have a strong interest in the subject and has made me look at the world differently. Thanks for your time and effort Mr. Lee!


Dear Mr chia, Hi Mr Chia, happy teacher's day! Thank you for always providing clear explanations and concise notes for maths. It does make revision easier. I really appreciate all the resources and materials you give us in preparation for As! Have a great break and continue to be an aweome maths teacher! :)

Nicholas ,VJC

Dear Mr Phay, Hi mr Phay!!!! Thanks so much for being the most entertaining econs teacher ever!!! You really make econs lessons the best!!!!I really hope you have a great teachers day!!!!! And sorry I keep talking in your class but you should know that I actually do listen & thank you for always helping us and being so patient and funny!!!!!YOURE THE BEST !!!

Sean Ang Min Pin,Tampines Junior College

Dear Mr Au, Hi, Mr Au. HAPPY TEACHERS DAY ! Its been an absolute delight to have you as my chemistry teacher, being a saving grace and all. You are immensely helpful despite your busy schedule and its a quality I cannot say the same for some of my school teachers. Nonetheless, I have learned very well from all of your lessons and you have made getting an A grade look so much easier. I also became very interested in chemistry as well ! How it influences my future university choices will be another thing but its been refreshing to gain back my interest in chemistry. You are a great teacher and I hope u will continue being such a great influence to the next generation of students you will teach, as you have been to me and my friends. All the best to your future endevours and hopefully we will catch up some time too on a friends basis ! Thank you for everything and good luck !

Jerol Yeo,Anderson Jc

Dear Mr Cai, thanks for incorporating so many different elements into your teaching which makes me grasp the concepts easier. thank you for being very patient when I have some doubts! you're a very nice and patient teacher ;and thanks for everything!

Rachel, River Valley High School

Dear Mr Raymond Cai, Thanks Mr Cai for always clarifying our doubts in class and using good analogies for us to memorise equations and key words!

Jolene Yee,Dunman High

Dear Mr Gilbert Lee, Dear Mr Lee,Thank you for all you have done for each one of us. I really thank you for not just teaching us content and knowledge, but also values and really appreciate how you always spur us on. Your encouraging words really encourages me to continue to work at my studies and to not give up. Thank you for not rejecting any questions, even if its the most basic ones. You have definitely done more than what a normal teacher should have and thank you so very much!Regards, Jolene Yee

Hui Shyuan, RI(JC)

Dear Mr Koh Chee Wee, Hello! Thank you for being a patient and funny teacher :-) have a wonderful teachers' day!!

Leong Yi Shuang,Temasek Junior College

Dear Mr Gilbert Lee, HELLO MR LEE! This is Yishuang :) It's been a pleasure attending your lessons and studying econs under you :) Thanks for keeping lessons interesting and econs so friendly to me haha thank you very much for all the pointers and the CSQ skills that we are supposed to polish haha thank you thank you :) Please enjoy your teacher day thank you!! :D -Yishuang :)

Regina, ACJC

Dear Mr Terence Chia, Thank to you for being a friendly and helpful math teacher. I like the occasional games that u let us play every few months and yeah thanks for keeping math fun:D

Jenna ,Tjc

Dear Mr Phay, HI MR PHAY, Happy Teachers' Day to you!! Everyday should be teachers' day because you never fail to crack us up during lessons and thanks for all the fun you brought us! Stay healthy (the red pill is the heart attack pill we remember) With love, Jenna

Leonard Yew Y.L.,Millennia Inst.

Dear Mr Victor Wu, Happy Teacher's Day to you Mr Victor Wu! I've always enjoyed your biology lessons, it has never been boring as concepts are always clarified and thus, I've always look forward to Sunday lessons when you tell us stories about real-life applications of biology like for example: Marsupials are jelly beans when they're young and climb up from the pouch to the mother to suckle HAHAHAHA! And you always make us stay focus by telling us to stay with you and you'll hold our hands all. Makes me want to laugh. On top of that, you're like a mentor to us and tell us about how to be a successful person in life and study effectively! Thank you for everything sir! U DA ONE~

Wesley Woo,Victoria

Dear Mr Aw Meng How, Happy Teacher's Day Mr Aw! Thanks for the thoughtful teaching in the past 3-4 months. I must say that you have really expanded my knowledge in many areas and have triggered the curiosity in me.

Zi Ning,Hwa Chong

Dear Mr Chia, Hi Mr Chia! I admire your passion in teaching and it's always cool to see you treating the subject like your best friend! I find the tips you gave us to be immensely helpful. I appreciate the effort into making lessons more fun for us, be it giving us fortune cookies or creating the PnC game. Happy Teachers' Day! Thanks for your help in the past few months. =)

Ho Mynn, NJC

Dear Mr Lee, Thanks for being the hilariously non-PC teacher that you are :) Your insightful views on anything and everything have inspired me to be more inquisitive, not only in Econs but elsewhere too. Will work hard to make you proud!

Si Hong, Rjc

Dear Mr Terence Chia, HAPPY TEACHERS DAY MR CHIA!Thanks for making math understandable and interesting! And for always being willing to help with whatever problems we may have! Thanks so much:)

Bryan ,DHS

Dear Mr Phay, Happy Teachers' Day Mr Phay!

Chow Jun Wei,Meridian JC

Dear Mr Damian Chee, Happy Teachers Day, thanks for being a wonderful and patient mentor.

Jia Wen , YJC

Dear Mr Au, Happy Teachers day!!! :) Thankyou for being such a funny and nice teacher! I really like your lessons and it's very beneficial! Even though I only joined recently, I really learnt alot from your lessons. I look forward to more of your lessons! :D

Mengxue, RI

Dear Mr Cai, Hi Mr Cai! Thank you so much for teaching us physics! Happy Teachers' Day! :)

Neel Padhye, MJC

Dear My Aw, Happy Teachers Day Mr Aw!!!! Thank you for clearing my chemistry misconceptions using you unique analogies and trying to make the lessons as lively as possible!!!

Kelsey Koh, Victoria Junior College

Dear Mr Chan , Hi Mr Chan! Thank you for being a really awesome GP teacher, always trying to make lessons as interesting as possible! Thank you for taking time to mark all the extra practices that we submit too! Happy Teachers Day!

Candy, VJC

Dear Mr Augustine Chan, Hi Mr Chan! Thanks for being such a cool teacher ~ Hahaha with your stick figures and some interesting jokes, you never fail to brighten up the class ~ ahahaha I really appreciate the pointers regarding compre and essay ^^ thank you so much all these efforts in marking our essays and other practices ^^ Happy Teachers Day! Give yourself a little break from the chore of marking and have a nice day :D

Crystal ,DHS

Dear Mr Gilbert Lee, Hello Mr Lee! Not gonna be a very long message bc I think everyone's already gonna write about how you're our econs savior and everything, but I am grateful for making me look at econs from a totally new perspective. Economics really became something I could relate to and not just a foreign textbook matter. I hope I can get an A to prove that your teaching paid off! And finally thank you for teaching beyond just econs; thanks for giving us all those little life lessons and advice and for being so approachable. Really appreciate your reaching out to understand us and allaying our fears and never giving up on us!! Happy Teacher's Day! :-)P.S. Ok the note ended up not being very short hahaha


Dear Mr Gilbert Lee, Hello Mr Lee!!! Happy Teacher's Day!!! Thanks for making class so exciting and telling us all your funny stories in a very entertaining way! And thanks for putting in the effort to mark all our essays and give us comments and even answering our whatsapp questions regarding econs questions late at night!!! You also take the time and effort to get to know your students personally so it makes class really enjoyable and more comfortable filled with lots of jokes and laughter! Thanks Mr Lee!!! You make econs come alive by relating them to real life examples! (Like the dating example) and and not forgetting all your super hilarious live commentaries about anything and everything under the sun! You're like, our teacher, mentor, confidant, advisor and inspiration all packed into a tall human being! But then occasionally you're super serious and you give us a wake up call when necessary! Happy Teachers day!


Dear Mr Au, Hi Mr Au, happy teacher's day! Thank you for making chem classes engaging and thought-provoking! I really like how you link what is taught in class to real life situations. It makes learning more interesting! Continue to be a great chem teacher and have a good rest this teacher's day. Take care :)

Mengxue, RI

Dear Mr Tiew, Hi Mr Tiew! Happy Teachers' Day! :)


Dear Mr. Mike Wang, Happy Teachers' Day Mr Wang! Thanks for all the effort you put into us!

Hoo Jinh Hao, ACJC

Dear Mr Daniel Yeo, Happy Teachers Day!!!

Zheng Ping,TJC

Dear Mr Phay, Thank you Mr Phay for being such a motivating tutor that never fails to entertain the class :-)

Rissa ho, Acjc

Dear Mr low kwee peng, Happy teachers day mr low stop being so strange and weird but thanks for helping me to increase my chem knowlegde from 0% to 50%!!! From, chicken killer

Joel, AJC

Dear Mr Chia, Hi Mr Chia, Thank you for your hard work in making your lessons both a fruitful, and an enjoyable ones. Your enthusiam and your skills, but more importantly, your effort to guide us step by step is truely inspirational. Thank you once again and Happy Teacher's Day!

Tan Sze Min,Temasek JC

Dear Mr Phay, Happy Teachers' Day Mr Phay Phay! Thanks for making Econs so fun and enjoyable!

Kum Wai, HCI

Dear Mr Koh, it has been a pleasure attending your lessons! A heartfelt thanks to you for crafting out supplementary notes and essays for us. Your funny demeanor has indeed made econs lessons more interesting. Happy teacher's day!

Joel, AJC

Dear Mr Tiew, Dear Mr Tiew, Happy Teachers Day! ^ ^ Thank you for being such an awesome and dedicated teacher, helping to make the lessons both enlightening and a joy to be in! You have taught us much and you never fail to make the lessons interesting. Have a great day today and once again, Happy teachers day! Now, are you conwince? :D

Neel Padhye, MJC

Dear Mr Yeo, The Award for the Most Wonderful Teacher has been declared and it goes to you!!!!! Thank you for patiently helping me in all my troubles in physics and I would like to wish you a very Happy Teachers Day Mr Yeo!!!!!

Tay Tze Hee, NYJC

Dear Mr Tiew, Thank you so much Mr Tiew. I used to hate econs a lot because I can't seem to score well and understand it. But after all the lessons with you, I am now a lot more interested in econs and improved a lot too! Once again, thank you so much

Eng Yin, RJ

Dear Mr Low (chem), Hi Mr Low, thanks so much for all your help and your dedication to each and every one of us. Your efforts in ensuring our attendance and willingness to guide us through all our questions is really inspiring. Thanks and happy teachers' day!

Joel, AJC

Dear Mr Chan, Hi Mr Chan, Happy teacher's day to you! Thank you for making the GP lessons both informative, and a pleasure to be in. Your stickmans and your jokes never fail to brighten up the mood of the class anyday! I hope you have a great day today and take care!

Rissa ho, Acjc

Dear Mr phay, Hello mr phay i hope you are doing fine!! Thank you for teaching me last year and extending your care and concern!! I will come find you when i finally have good results hahahaa


Dear Mr Chia, Mr Chia's lessons are always very organized and effective in helping us learn, he exposes us to many question types and explains the questions well. He is nice and approachable, and has the fastest speed I've ever encountered in spotting mistakes. I've never had much confidence in math, but Mr Chia's lessons gradually helps me in gaining some :) thank you and have a happy teacher's day!


Dear Mr Koh, Mr Koh is a really hardworking teacher, who summarizes and puts together many resources to aid in our studies, as well as marks every essay that we submit to him. Under his tutelage, my econs has improved by leaps and bounds, and I gained a lot of confidence in the subject. He is very patient and approachable, and always encourages us to ask questions. Mr Koh is the best econs teacher I've ever had :)


Dear Mr Phay, Hi Mr Phay, thanks for your unwavering support and guidance, and for keeping lessons funny and engaging for us students! I wish you all the best for your career and good health, happy teachers day!

Chow Jun Wei,Meridian JC

Dear Mr Daniel Yeo, Happy teachers day, thanks for making physics lesson an interesting and joyful one.

Mavis Chia ,Temasek Junior College

Dear Mr Phay , Happy teachers day to Mr Phay Phay:) thank you for teaching us econs and bringing joy to our lives :) you are the best econs teacher ever!!


Dear Mr Lee, HAPPY TEACHERS DAY Mr Lee :) thank you for being such an amazing and funny teacher haha have a wonderful day!!!!!!! :)


Dear Mr Aw, Dear Mr Aw, Having been under your guidance for almost 2 years now, i feel that you have had a profound impact on my life as a GP student. Your classes are enriching and I believe the students to become more competent GP students. Thank you!

Zheng Ping,TJC

Dear Mr Phay, HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY :-)))

Beatrice Ng, Hwa chong instituition

Dear Mr Koh, Hey Mr Koh, thanks for being such a weird teacher, especially with your lame jokes. Nevertheless, you make econs lessons interesting(: thank you for everything, here's a flower to reward you:

Regina, ACJC

Dear Mr Low , Thanks for being a funny chem teacher with ur weird but oddly apt analogies. U make chem lessons interesting


Dear Mr Phay, Thank you so much for all your teachings and efforts. Even when you are having a sore throat, you will still try your best to conduct lesson and lessons are never boring with all your hilarious jokes. Hopefully I will not disappoint you... Hahah. Once again, a big THANK YOU Phay Phay!!! :)

Candy, VJC

Dear Mr Gilbert Lee, Hello Mr Lee! Thanks for making Econs so much more entertaining and interesting! Through your lessons I have gained a much better understanding of the entire subject and I never know how much to thank you for this! ^^ thank you so much for clearing my doubts through whatsapp messages ~ you are like a saviour to one of my most dreadful subject, Econs ;). Nonetheless, Happy Teachers' Day! For your sake, I will work hard to get an A for Econs in the A Levels ~~

Tong Wei Xiang ( Aldric ), Yishun Junior College

Dear Mr Gilbert Lee, Hi Mr Lee ! Thank you so much for all your funny stories which made classes so much more enjoyable yet insightful. Besides that, thank you for being so patient and always encouraging us to ask questions whether the question is a stupid question or not ! You are really one of the best teachers.

Zi Ning,Hwa Chong

Dear Mr Aw, Hi Mr Aw! Thanks for selflessly helping us to expand our knowledge and creating all those worksheets for us to internalise. Thanks for taking time off to mark my essays as well! Sometimes I don't really get your jokes during class but it's okay, I still appreciate them (one day I will understand them). I have learnt a lot in the past few months. Happy Teachers' Day! =)

Jae, Pioneer Junior College

Dear Mr Koh, Hi Mr Koh! Thanks for being a really wonderful teacher for the past 1.5 years. I've learnt a tremendous lot and improved quite a bit under your helpful guidance. I appreciate how you do your best to help us and you always make lessons very interesting! I'll work hard to score well for Econs and make you proud :-) Happy Teachers' Day!

Barry Koh , RI

Dear Mr Koh, Mr Koh is an excellent teacher, he knows how to teach and is always willing to reach out to help students. Here's wishing you a very Happy Teachers Day!



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