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Welcome to Learners’ Lodge

Welcome to Learners’ Lodge

Learners’ Lodge is the leading IP & JC tuition provider, with a growing pool of experienced & current IP & JC teachers in the local education industry. We are increasingly being recognised as the premiere centre for innovation and excellence in IP & JC tuition program and is the preferred choice of many parents and students.

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  • Lee Si Xian,Hwa Chong Institution 2013

    Dear Mr Koh, Thanks a lot for the efforts you put in every lesson!!:) You helped me gain confidence in econs and attain the A I have never dreamt of achieving!! You make very lesson interesting and easy to understand, nagging at us every now and then to ... Read more

  • Trudy Sih,Hwa Chong Institution 2013

    Dear Mr Raymond Cai, thank you for all the help you have given me throughout my A level journey! Your lessons definitely inculcated a love for physics in me as you never fail to make lessons... Read more

  • Jocelyn Ang ,Serangoon Junior College 2013

    Dear Mr Damien Chee, thank you for your constant guidance. Despite me joining your class later in the year, i learnt a lot during your lessons. You are a teacher that never gives up on any s... Read more