Learners’ Lodge is the leading national provider of academic enrichment and tutorial program for junior college (JC) students in Singapore. With over 15 years of experience, our holistic blend of pedagogically sound curriculum, digital technology and innovative teaching methodology has been specially developed to meet the needs of JC students over the past years.

Through innovative teaching methods delivered through our highly experienced NIE trained teachers from the local education industry, we have helped many students achieved better grades. Most of our students have been able to qualify for their course of their choice in the local University (NUS, NTU, SMU). Some of our alumni have also been admitted into Ivy Leagues Universities in the US and UK (Stanford, Harvard, Princeton and Yale in the US, and Oxford, Cambridge and the LSE in the UK).

Many have secured prestigious private and public sector scholarships, including a few being awarded the Singapore Public Service Commission’s President’s Scholarship.

In our pursuit to provide the best education services for JC students, we have established ourselves as the premier centre for innovation and academic excellence in junior college (JC) tuition program.

What our students say

Hi Mr. Chia. Thank you so much for helping me so much with Maths! even to the extent of rushing your dinner to help me with last minute questions.
Thank you for being the best maths teacher you can be for me!!
Thum Jia Hao, Nanyang Junior College
Dear Mr. Gilbert Lee,
Thanks for teaching us more than just scoring for exams, but also teaching to have a greater appreciation for how Economics can be applied in our everyday life!
Thanks to you, I now understand enjoy the subject content a lot more.
Jarret Ng, Raffles Institute
MR MIKE! You saved my chemistry grades. I HATED chemistry but for the first time in my life I actually didn’t mind it when I was in your class.
Thank you so much!!! I won’t ever forget a teacher who changed my perspective on chemistry.
Myohan, River Valley High School
In the midst of all the stress from the GCE A-Levels, it was assuring to be taught by Mr Yeo in Physics, a teacher who has such a strong grasp of the demands of the Cambridge H2 Physics Examination. On top of that, Mr Yeo’s devotion in teaching is truly remarkable, exemplified in how he took the extra mile to compile summary notes for every topic, which benefitted me greatly in preparation for the A Level Examination. Physics was an immensely important subject to me as my passion lies in Mechanical Engineering. Hence, it was a great privilege to be taught by such a passionate and inspiring teacher in this subject. Attending Mr Yeo’s lessons has been an enjoyment as it is filled with much positive energy from Mr Yeo’s passion in physics and teaching.
Edmond Ong, Dunman High School
Throughout my journey in JC, Mr Aw has been one of the best tutors I’ve ever met. The efforts he puts in his teaching by going the extra mile for his students (consolidating essays, making comprehensive PowerPoint lecture slides and notes about the various themes in GP, asking his students to stay back after class to personally go through the mistakes in their assignment and how to better correct them) is a testimonial to how dedicated he is towards teaching. He really knows his field of teaching in the general paper as he even spotted the theme for the GP comprehension passage for my year! However, what I feel matters the most is the way he really motivates his students to strive for excellence and never giving up on anyone of us. I’m really glad I chose his class to learn GP and I would like to once again thank him for all that he’s done.
Ryan Phua Jun Yuan, Nanyang Junior College
Hi Mr Lim! thank you so much for these two years of GP tuition :) not only have my grades for GP improved, but I also have a deeper understanding and appreciation of current affairs and the english language as a whole! thank you for your patient guidance and help when A’s were approaching! :) THANK YOU
Brandon Wong, Raffles Institution
Ms Ruby Ng
Ms Ruby Ng is not only an experienced teacher, but she is also very friendly and approachable.
She caters to the learning pace of the students, helping us to maximize our learning within each lesson. She highlights key concepts and teaches us different approaches towards solving a question.
This is definitely very beneficial for the students as we can choose to learn the approach that we are more familiar with. She is also very understanding and she helps us manage our stress from time to time.
Personally, she has increased my confidence in math and this I believe, is an integral factor in helping me achieve my A. Thank you Ms Ng for being such a wonderful teacher!!!
Jane Loh, Hwa Chong Junior College
Mr Low Kwee Peng
Dear Mr Low Kwee Peng, Thank you for your passion and dedication in teaching Chemistry, your succinct examples help to simplify concepts and make them easier to visualise!
Zhang Xiangyu Oliver, Hwa Chong Institution
Thank you Mr Au for your engaging chem lessons. Although I have only joined your class for a short period of time, you have allowed me to quickly adapt to your teaching method which is clear and concise.
Briana Tan, Temasek Junior College
Thank you so much for the help Mr Cai. Your lessons are always enjoyable and full of fun facts! Each lesson is fruitful and full of interesting happenings as you bring physics into life. I’m glad to have cultivated my interest with your lessons and progressed with your concise summary notes. I hope you continue to inspire students who dislike or fear physics to progress or even excel in the subject as it is more than it seems.
Eunice Ong, Catholic Junior College
Without Mr Tiew, I definitely wouldn’t have gotten an A for Econs! Thanks for your help all this while and for bringing in real life examples for us to use in our essays. Thanks for also giving us tips and tricks to score that mark in the A levels! It was all because of your conscientious effort that led me to scoring that A! All the best, Mr Tiew!
Glen Tan, Catholic Junior College
I used to flunk math consistently throughout JC. I joined Mr Chee’s math class in June of J2 onwards but even so my prelims was a D, still an improvement but not that good. However Mr Chee is honestly the best math teacher I’ve ever had. He encourages you and makes you feel like math is easy peasy. And he focuses on the A level exam as an end goal so it’s very efficient. Thankfully, I eventually got an A for math (which I knew I would, because I was that confident). Thank you Learners Lodge!
Ethan Leung, National Junior College
Economics - Loh Zhi Hong

Mr Loh is an extremely dedicated teacher who not only strives to help students pull up their grades, but also inculcates in them a joy for learning. Mr Loh is a very sincere and genuine teacher. He puts his students’ needs foremost, and even takes on extra workloads such as essay submissions from students, which he marks outside of class time. He is also always willing to stay behind after class to help clarify students’ doubts. Mr Loh’s lessons are always animated and engaging. Under his tutelage, students will not only gain more in-depth knowledge about Economics as a subject, but will also better appreciate it and its applications in real life

Yong Li, Dunman High School
Dear Mr. David Wong!! Before I took up tuition I thought Chemistry makes no sense at all, but now I can finally understand the concepts thanks to you! I’ve never enjoyed doing this subject so much before this at all. Even though I only join for a short period of time, I’ve really learnt so much from you. Thanks for being such a interesting and patient teacher!!! I’ll do my best for the A’s and I believe after your guidance, it will be no problem.
Shauna Wee, Tampines Junior College
My experience with Mr Koh was very short because there were only 2 months before the A levels. He was very patient and immediately spot the area i was weak at in a lesson. He is able to summarized key areas where I should focus on and guided me along the key concepts with the proper terms. He is very professional with many relevant real life economic examples which we can relate. Thank You Mr Koh for pushing my Econs towards an A and coming to my aid within such a short notice!
Henry Toh, Meridian Junior College
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