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Junior College Year 1
Junior College Year 2

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(Subject to availability of tutor and classrooms at our tuition centre)

JC Tuition Program

The Learner’s Lodge JC tuition programme is an essential programme that covers all major ‘A’ level subjects. A dedicated team of full-time and part-time top JC teachers will help students gain the edge they need to excel the A-level examinations. The teachers will discuss the fundamentals under the syllabus as well as relevant skills to tackle exam questions and score top marks. The programme’s goal is to establish a sound learning foundation and skills, which Cambridge examiners are looking out for when marking ‘A’ level scripts.

All our JC tuition lessons will be conducted weekly* in 2-hour sessions, with class size up to 12 students per class**. This conducive environment provides each lesson both enough duration to create deeper learning, as well as a small teacher-to-student ratio that allows meaningful attention given individually.

* There will be extra sessions in June, August, September, and October for exam preparation.
** This applies to all subject classes except Mr. Gilbert Lee’s & Mr. Terence Chia’s classes.


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