Hear from some of the students who participated in our July 2022 workshop

It was very detailed and informative. Many tips and lessons were shared that I find useful


Nature of the speaker was extremely friendly. He was very clear in his explanations and was always willing to answer any questions that we had. He gave real and honest opinions and adviced many of us based on our questions


The detailed descriptions of what being a doctor entails, how to differentiate between the diff jobs underneath the healthcare sectors to explore alternatives in future career opportunities, how to tackle interviews and how to write personal statements! and the role playing scenarios were really quite helpful too.


I learnt many new things about the local healthcare system and the selection process which I feel were very helpful.


Everyone knows that medical school is not easy to enter.

But, did you know?

Each year, there are only about 300 seats in NUS Medicine and 100 in NTU Medicine.

So, what are your chances?

Annually, over 3000 students apply for this course, out of which, only 1600 are shortlisted to be interviewed.

So your chances of getting a seat is technically 1 in 4.

Not to mention, most of your competitors would have a stellar academic results and an impressive extracurricular achievements.

Are you confident of getting into a local medical school?

I am not confident and want to know more about how I can get into medical school

Let’s improve your chances!

Join one of the most comprehensive medical school prep course for local application and increase your chances of getting into the course of your dream.

Conducted by a local medical school graduate with extensive coaching experience for JC and IB students

This course is designed with the purpose to get students better informed about the details of the medicine course, and how to improve chances of entering medicine if desired.
It will consist of a once-weekly session for 2 weeks

Over 7 hours of personal guidance

@ the comfortable setting at Learners’ Lodge Bishan

Time: 09:00 – 12:30
Date: 11 and 12 Mar

Limited seats available only, secure your place now to avoid disappointment.

Reservation is by a first-come-first-serve basis

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Why is it so important to prepare early?

Medicine is an extremely competitive field of study to enter. Not only do you need a good grade, your portfolio will also need to shine amongst your peers to be selected for the entry interview. And being selected for the interview is just the beginning, because there are different types of interviews for different universities, you will want to know which is the one you are going to take and how to prepare for it. You should also learn how to structure your answers at the interview, this is critically important as it will prevents you from rambling and ensures you cover key points.

You may want to get relevant experiences such as internship at a clinic, read in-depth about the role of a doctor, brush up on your critical thinking skills, and not forgetting the most important preparation for A-levels. And if you are still in secondary school level, it is also important to know what are the subject combinations that you should take up in JC and what are the options available for you.

Taking into considerations all these factors and the amount of time you will need to get them ready, we would highly recommend preparing as early as you can.

The cost saving of getting into a local U

As much as it is difficult to get into medicine, the price of completing the course does not come cheap as well. You will only want to attend those medical school that is on Singapore’s approved list so as to be able to practice medicine locally.

The schools in US usually charge a premium for their strong reputations and ranges from SGD$500,000 to 550,000. Top medical schools in the U.K. ranges from SGD$690,000 to 720,000. However, given that students in the U.K. begin their medical training at university, the entire medical programme will last about 6 years, so it actually add up to about the same cost. If prices of US and U.K. are a challenge, you might want to consider schools in Australia and Canada, even those highly regarded ones. The average cost of Australia and Canada schools ranges from S$248,000 to 312,000.

In Singapore, only NUS and NTU offer degrees for medicine. NUS annual course fees are $29,300 ($146,500 for five years), while NTU costs $34,700 ($173,500 for five years) for locals. If you base your selection solely on cost alone, the choice will be really simple.

Help me get into a local U!