The Science of Life

The updated JC Biology tuition program at Learners’ Lodge is a comprehensive program (developed by our team of experienced ex MOE JC Biology Tutors) based on the new A Level Biology syllabus. It aims to develop our students’ appreciation of the subject, rigour in their foundation, and skills both for analysing and discussing how life works at the molecular and cellular level as well as scoring in the final A levels examinations.

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The Science of Matter and its Changes

Chemistry, an integral part of science, bridges Physics, Biology, and Geology. It is a prerequisite to some of the most sought-after university courses like Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, etc. The JC Chemistry program at Learners’ Lodge aims to encourage JC students to pursue their ideal courses by developing and honing their skills to write and excel in the A-level Chemistry examination. This is achieved by a holistic and structured program to engage JC students to discover the essential nature of Chemistry and the changes it undergoes, and more importantly, to provide ample opportunities for them to implement the chemical principles and theories they have learned in schools.

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The Knowledge Concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth

The JC Economics tuition programme at Learners’ Lodge is a comprehensive program aimed to help students understand and analyse economic concepts and terms in a simplified manner. Students will be able to apply the terms in ease using the skill enhancement techniques and case studies taught to them.

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General Paper

Discussing everything under the sun

The General Paper programme at Learners’ Lodge has a holistic approach to teaching the student the understanding of the requirements of different types of questions and the necessary skills to answer them. The programme will also focus on how to improve the students’ essay writing techniques, widen their knowledge and effectively reflect and translate their ideas on paper. We’ll help them meet and exceed the requirements for Cambridge’s ‘A’ Level General Paper examination and meet the demands of the workplace and society in the future.

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The study of the measurement, properties, and relationships of quantities and sets, using numbers and symbols.

The JC Mathematics tuition seeks to develop the students’ problem-solving skills and understanding of mathematics concepts and equations for a better presentation of solutions, thus scoring the most points.

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The science of matter and energy and of interactions between the two.

Our JC Physics tuition is a comprehensive programme aimed to strengthen the students’ foundation based on critical key concepts from the syllabus. It aims to clear the students’ misconceptions and doubts by encouraging and assisting them all throughout.

Our aim is for students to score that ‘A’ grade by overcoming their weak topics and improving their analytical and problem-solving skills.

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